Acoustic Ceiling Removal

Tired of that old Acoustic (popcorn) ceiling?  Many homeowners would like to update the feel of their home by removing the old popcorn ceilings and replacing it with the knock down textures found in today’s newer homes.  If your house was built after 1977 I can remove the Acoustic ceiling, retexture and paint it for you.  If your house was built prior to 1978 and you want to have your acoustic ceiling removed you will need to have a small sample of the ceiling material tested to see if it contains asbestos.  If the sample does contain asbestos you will need to hire a certified asbestos contractor (currently I am not certified to remove asbestos).  By law only certified asbestos contractors are allowed to remove materials containing asbestos if the area is greater than 100 sq.ft.  Because of the expense involved in hiring an asbestos contractor many homeowners choose to simply paint over (encapsulate) the existing ceiling.  No special certification is required unless the asbestos containing material is removed or disturbed.

The removal process involves:

1.  Setting up a system to contain all of the debris
2.  Scraping off the old acoustic (popcorn) material
3.  Setting tape on joints where tape is loose
4.  Floating out joints and imperfections in the ceiling
5.  Applying a new texture (usually to match walls)
6.  Prime and Paint